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Intervals and Paceline - Callaghan

Description: Paceline practice again is the focus, and riding from Whistler plus some intervals will build on our past two rides. One idea for intervals: up Callaghan, hammer the evens, then regroup and spin the odds. A’s and B’s regroup just past the gate to WOP and paceline the Bus Loop. Group C regroup at the Callaghan Creek Forest Service road, and use the preceding 1.6 km flat section for pacelining practice. Group C should start descending when A’s and B’s depart the top gate to avoid congestion low in the descent.

Ability Level(s): A, B and C

Ride Leader(s): Paul O'Mara, Brenda Baker, Richard van Straaten

Meet: Whistler Village Sports 5:15 pm     Riding starts at 5:30 pm

To check for last minute cancellations: Contact WVS (604) 932-3327 

Earlier Event: June 5
Later Event: June 8