1.    Foster a safe, inclusive, supportive and drug free environment to develop young cyclists in Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

2.    Create a long term structure of Funding Sourcing and Awards Grants that support recreational and competitive youth cyclists in the community.

3.    Establish and maintain programs that

  • Initiate the community youth to drug free cycling while encouraging participation.
  • Promote road awareness and safety.
  • Encourage lifetime enthusiasm and participation.
  • Nourish Competitive and Recreational participation, skills and participation growth.
  • Encourage and nurture personal development.

4.    Identify and develop assistance for equipment, training, sport development, transportation and event fees.

5.    Promote and support drug free sport.


The Whistler Cycling Club supports groups of athletes as well as individual athletes through its Youth Development Initiative. If you are seeking assistance towards competitive or training goals for a group (team/program/group of multiple young athletes) or for an individual athlete, please inquire to youth@whistlercyclingclub.ca regarding the application process.


Our club accepts donations to help young athletes pursue cycling-related sports goals. Our promise is that every dollar donated for this purpose will go to enabling or enhancing opportunities for young cyclists living in the sea to sky corridor.

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