The primary mission of the Whistler Cycling Club (WCC) is “To facilitate and promote recreational road cycling in Whistler and the surrounding area.” An important objective for accomplishing that mission is by, “Advocating for safe cycling infrastructure by working cooperatively with governments.”

The club has developed strong working relationships with the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) and Jordan Sturdy, Member of the Legislative Assembly for West Vancouver – Sea to Sky. The club has also provided support for initiatives of the BC Cycling Coalition, a provincial cycling advocacy organization.

Whistler Cycling Club advocacy efforts have focused on the following areas:

  • Maintenance of cycling infrastructure – shoulder sweeping, repair of damaged shoulders, etc.

  • Cycling regulations and signage – provincial cycling laws, educating cyclists/drivers, safety and tourism signage, etc.

  • Enhancements to existing cycling infrastructure – removing shoulder obstacles such as dangerous storm grates, etc.

  • Investment in cycling infrastructure improvements – full-width repaving of highway segments, shoulder widening in dangerous locations, etc.

Some specific advocacy initiatives by the club include:

1.    Road Cycling in the Sea to Sky Brochure

The RMOW in collaboration with local governments, tourism agencies, sports organizations and the Whistler Cycling Club has developed a brochure with rules of the road and safety tips for both cyclists and drivers for sharing the road. The brochure also includes descriptions of popular cycling routes in the Sea to Sky corridor. Maps and profiles of the routes can be viewed on the RIDES page.

Click here to download the brochure

Click here to see route maps and profiles

2.    Recommendations to MOTI, Sea to Sky Road Cycling Infrastructure and Programs

The WCC formed an Advocacy Working Group, which assessed the provincial roads in the corridor and provided recommendations to MOTI for improvements to road cycling infrastructure and programs. 

The submission can be viewed at Sea to Sky Road Cycling Infrastructure and Programs

3.    Support for RMOW Sea to Sky Cycling Route Signage Plan

The RMOW has developed a plan to add new cycling route signs in the corridor. The Sea to Sky Cycling Route Signage Plan would include signs along popular cycling routes, as well as signs at the beginning of major ascents and kilometer/% grade markers.  Established road cycling areas such as France and Italy use such signage. Slides used in an April 5, 2016 presentation to municipal Council can be found at:

4.    Support for MOTI cycling priorities as part of B.C. On the Move, A 10-Year Transportation Plan

The Whistler Cycling Club believes that measures in line with the provincial government’s March 2015 plan B.C. on the Move – A 10-year Transportation Plan could markedly improve the safety and experience for both cyclists and motorists in the corridor. The provincial plan identifies three cycling priorities for action:

  • Invest $18 million over the next three years to partner with communities to build new bike lanes and trails throughout B.C.

  • Widen shoulders, double the frequency of sweeping and implement safety improvements on provincial highways in areas with a high volume of cyclists

  • Develop and implement a cycling tourism signage and marketing strategy

The entire plan can be found at

5.    Submission to BC Cycling Coalition A Billion for Bikes initiative

The Whistler Cycling Club has made a submission to the BC Cycling Coalition A Billion for Bikes initiative. The WCC submission included its recommendations to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, which are in line with the cycling priorities of the provincial plan.

The submission can be found at

6.    Demonstrate cycling safety and etiquette

Whistler Cycling Club members understand our responsibilities when we are on a club ride or wearing a club jersey. We view ourselves as ambassadors for the club and the road cycling community, and we will ride in a manner that is safe, courteous and respectful of all road users.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please see Contact Us