We aim to offer something for everyone and run regular club rides three days per week. In addition to our standard weekly rides, we offer out-of-town trips, time trial evenings, winter social ski days, and an end of season social that gives everyone a chance to socialize in other than lycra. Here’s what’s coming up this year:

  • GoFest Invitational Ride

  • Stewart’s Ride/Summer Solstice Ride

  • Mt. Cypress Ride

  • Several coached clinics through the summer

  • Canada Day Populaire

  • Mt. Baker Ride

  • Two-day Victoria ride

  • End of season social

  • Social ski days

  • Club day at the Burnaby Velodrome

For a complete look at everything we offer, please consult our Calendar.




Regular Tuesday Evening Ride. The most common route proceeds south along Highway 99 then up the Callaghan Road and back. Alternate routes (depending on daylight hours, weather and safety considerations) may use shorter excursions along Hwy99, or local side roads and hills in Whistler.

Riders should gather by 5:15 pm at Whistler Village Sports. Ride leaders will be assigned for each ability level.

A group: Above 30km/h (drop group)

B group: 25-30 km/hr (non-drop group)

C group: 20-25 km/hr (non-drop group)



A mellow ride in a social and supportive atmosphere. Wednesday evenings are mainly for riders relatively new to road cycling who want to gain skills, confidence, and learn to ride safely with others. Social time over a beverage after the ride depending on the group and time of year.

Riders should gather by 5:15 pm at Whistler Village Sports. Ride leaders will be assigned for each ability level, and all groups are non-drop groups, so no one is left behind!


(See CALENDAR for start times and locations)

A longer ride featuring two speed/distance options with après ride social time. Ride routes are often (but not always so CHECK THE CALENDAR) north to Pemberton, then Pemberton Meadows or towards Lillooet Lake or Gates Lake, depending on weather and rider preferences. Stronger riders start in Whistler from Cranked Espresso Bar in Rainbow and ride to Pemberton Visitor Center where groups are organized for the rest of the day.

Level B (pace 25-30 km/hr average) rides from the Cranked Espresso Bar in Whistler. (non-drop group)
Level C (pace 20-25 km/hr average) rides from the Pemberton Visitor Center. (non-drop group)



There are many other ride possibilities ranging from mellow meadows to sharp climbs and fast descents to rolling alpine terrain. The Resort Municipality of Whistler has created a brochure about road cycling routes and safety tips. Road Cycling in the Sea to Sky contains descriptions for each of the rides below. We’ve also got some routes laid out on the Visitor page of our website if you’d like some inspiration.

The routes in our local riding area incorporate side roads, secondary roads, and of course, Highway 99. As the popularity of Whistler has grown in recent years, so has vehicle traffic, particularly mid-June through mid-September along Highway 99. Mindful of that trend, our club schedules weekday rides during evening hours, and weekend rides on Sundays when commercial vehicle traffic tends to be lighter

For more ride information please feel welcome to CONTACT US.