To WCC Members Regarding Kelly Blunden and Ross Chafe

We have had a few days pass since losing Kelly and Ross. First and foremost in our thoughts are their families, to whom we extend our deepest heartfelt condolences.

This tragedy underlines how critical it is that everyone on the road, whether in automobiles, on motorcycles, bicycles or on foot, respect others using the road. This means accepting that one's own behavior affects the vulnerability of others on the road, and that road surfaces hold different hazards for different users. Most importantly, respect for other users means not driving while drunk or otherwise impaired.

Reducing the vulnerability of cyclists is central in our mission: to pursue cyclist safety and road improvements along the routes that we frequent. As cyclists we are more vulnerable than those protected by steel and airbags (as are we when in our own vehicles). Please be diligent in demonstrating respect and awareness for the others' safety, whether riding or driving, and always be vigilant in your own safety when riding.

Kelly and Ross exemplified safety and fun when they rode with us. Let's embrace these values while we carry on with our passion of riding in the company of people we love and respect.

Whistler Cycling Club Board of Directors