Welcome new and returning members!

If you’ve joined the club as a full riding member we look forward to riding with you this summer. If you are just here as a single day rider we hope you enjoy your ride and welcome you to join the club for the season. If you are an associate member you can still enjoy all our membership perks (other than rides). 

Get involved!

The lifeblood of the club is its members and their participation in club activities. 
Club activities other than riding include social events as well as volunteer days in support of local sporting events; the latter is important as they help raise funds for club operations. Please look for these opportunities and join in to assist - you’ll enjoy the fun factor and know you’re adding to the vitality of the club.

With regard to rides, we host many rides through the season, each one requiring one to several qualified ride leaders. If you are an experienced rider, consider getting involved as a ride leader - leading rides adds to your club ride experience and provides a way to guide and help others who are less experienced.

Be safe!

As a final note, our bottom line concern is safety. You’re urged to read the material below and look for clinics on the club calendar. And, always be mindful and alert while riding…

   Safety and etiquette

   WCC safe riding practices


Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

On behalf of the WCC Directors