Insurance Provided

A WCC Membership provides two types of insurance coverage:  SPORTS INJURY INSURANCE and LIABILITY INSURANCE.

SPORTS INJURY INSURANCE provides reimbursement of medical and treatment costs and compensation for personal injury and losses. This coverage is applicable only to Canadian citizens with provincial government health care, and secondary to coverage by such plans.

LIABILITY INSURANCE provides legal and financial protection should another party bring a claim against a rider for losses suffered during a club activity. This insurance provides protection for an insured party, whether an individual rider or the club, against claims for damages suffered by any other party in relation to a sanctioned club activity.

•    Club insurance will be in effect for WCC sanctioned rides or events only. To be sanctioned, a ride must be pre-scheduled on the WCC calendar and overseen by a WCC ride leader. Note that selected events or rides may be unsanctioned, with club insurance not in effect, as indicated on the corresponding calendar entry.
•    To be insured, each participant must have a Full Membership, or have a Single Ride Membership that is valid for the date of a given club sanctioned ride (with waiver signed and corresponding fee paid). An Associate Membership provides no insurance.
•    Each participant must wear a helmet while riding in a sanctioned club ride.

Coverage Parameters


$10,000 Medical/Dental Expenses
$1,000 Physiotherapy
$3,000 Prosthetic Devices
$3,000 Rehabilitation
$2,000 Tuition
$1,000 Repatriation
$500 Fractures
$50 Emergency Transportation
$30,000 Capital Benefits (for permanent losses)
     The Applicable Capital Benefit is a portion of this $30,000 limit based on the specific loss
     20% of the Applicable Capital Benefit for any loss originating during travel to and from a club ride
     $6,000 limit for persons under 18 years of age

($0 Deductible)


$10,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage (aggregate)

($2,500 Deductible per Claim)

The interpretations above are based on an informal review of the related insurance policies. For further information, please email your request to 

Sports Injury Claims

For sports injury claims, fill in an Incident Report Form (Excel/editable, or PDF/printable) save a copy for your records, then contact Sutton Special Risk (insurer).